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NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderDepartmentEmailPhone
Anders HollenboOdense, Warehouse 41885710
Ane-louise SkyumAarhus, Added value department 20807455
Anette LyscarzAarhus, Added value department 22102756
Anja TerpAarhus, Accounting 87455422
Arne Thagaard JensenAarhus, Sales 22102751
Bent ThomassenAalborg, Sales 22102757
Bente HarboAarhus, Accounting 22293142
Berit Balle OvergårdAarhus, Added value department 87455400
Birger JørgensenOdense, Sales 20807469
Bjarne AndersenAarhus, Odense, Blomsterringen 20807454
Bjarne Kirk JensenAalborg, Sales 22361689
Bo NielsenAarhus, Purchase / Sales 20870577
Brian Appelby   
Carsten LindeOdense, Warehouse 41885723
Christian BachAarhus, Accounting 41885714
Christian DalumAarhus, Purchase / Sales 41885731
Christian SeidingAarhus, Sales 30643252
Claus HøjgaardAarhus, Odense, Purchase / Sales 41885745
Dennis GrønAarhus, Sales 22126623
Dennis LyseAarhus, IT 41885739
Elisabeth TellingAarhus, Added value department 87455400
Erik Bregendahl ChristensenAarhus, Purchase / Sales 22102754
Flemming HerlufsenOdense, Warehouse 22466545
Get WisarutAarhus, Sales 20807467
Hannah Aargaard jensenAarhus, Added value department 41885724
Hanne JennerAarhus, IT 41885732
Hans Kristian HenriksenAarhus, Warehouse 41885708
Hans VernerAarhus, Warehouse 87455400
Henning NissenAalborg, Sales 20680743
Henrik Lindegård NielsenAarhus, Purchase / Sales 22102758
Henrik Møller JensenOdense, Sales 22100277
Irina LastovskayaSales +97466433265
Jan BijlAarhus, Odense, Purchase / Sales 41885721
Jan HoffmanAarhus, Warehouse 87455400
Jane Evgeniya TelenkovaSales +79262454669
Janne Legarth HolmeAarhus, Zealand, Sales 41885727
Jesper ChristiansenAarhus, Odense, Purchase / Sales 41885728
Jette ChristensenAarhus, Flora Pack, Purchase / Sales 20709146
Jørgen Koldby JensenAarhus, Odense, Blomsterringen 22102753
Kent LochAarhus, Added value department 41885724
Kim GrimstrupAarhus, Container-accounting, Purchase / Sales 40810577
Kim LienhøftAarhus, IT 41885744
Klaus Søderdahl AndersenBusiness Unit Manager 87455450
Lars FrostholmAarhus, Purchase / Sales 40870577
Lone Holm PedersenAarhus, Container-accounting, Blomsterringen 25466933
Mads Møller NielsenAarhus, Accounting 41885730
Marco BijlAarhus, Odense, Sales 41885737
Marianne ThomsenAarhus, Container-accounting, Blomsterringen 41885740
Michael HolstAarhus, IT 20807466
Michael HonoréCEO 21468702
Michael NedergaardAarhus, Warehouse 21163541
Morten Ahlmann PedersenAarhus, Odense, Blomsterringen 41885743
Morten BondgaardCEO 51943211
Morten FejferAarhus, Warehouse 87455400
Morten L.S. AndersenOdense, Warehouse 25466744
Niels G. RasmussenAarhus, Warehouse 20807452
Niels KrogAarhus, Purchase / Sales 20720577
Niels Steen Sletten ChristensenAarhus, Warehouse 87455400
Palle FrederiksenOdense, Sales 20807456
Per HansenOdense, Warehouse 25466743
Per TruelsenAarhus, Sales  
Peter Alsted KnudsenAarhus, Sales 22102755
Peter Holmegård JensenAarhus, Sales 40891143
Peter JohansenAarhus, Purchase / Sales 41885735
Pia Lilja AndersenOdense, Accounting 87455401
Ralf JensenAarhus, Warehouse 20807460
Rene AndersenOdense, Warehouse 20755498
Rune Østergaard JensenAarhus, Warehouse 87455400
Rune Skytte LarsenAarhus, Purchase / Sales 20807468
Susanne BergmannAarhus, Purchase / Sales 22480807
Thomas ObbekjærOdense, Sales 20807457
Tina ByrialsenAarhus, Accounting 87455430
Tommy HansenSales 20807463
Vibeke HjortAarhus, Service-dept. 41885729